Get Online Food Order in Train and Enjoy the Travel


If it is about one thing upon which everyone will agree then it is the Indian Railways and the sheer preference and love among people for the rail transportation. There is no denial to this fact that people in India love to travel around with the help of rail medium and it is been like the lifeline of transportation in the country. Though, when it comes to food, its standard and quality, it is not up to the mark and expectations, as per different reviews and feedback from the people who are frequent travellers. And that is why there has been foundation of e-caterers and online food delivery service providers having a clear motto and objective to cater quality and good food in running trains. Travel Khana is one of them that is founded with the same intention and it assures to proffer quality, rich and tasty food to passengers delivered right at their seat berths without any inconvenience caused to them and definitely on time. It provides delicious and scrumptious food meals right at your seat berths making your travel pleasurable, fun and enjoyable. In fact, they are among the quickest growing ones when it comes to online food order in train as they have associated with good joints spread all over the cities, towns, areas and further the country.

Online food order in train lets people have the option and flexibility to choose anything from the wide assortment including thalis, continental, South Indian, Continental, North Indian, Chinese, and much more. On daily basis, a large number of orders gets placed with them and there is an assurance of availability of freshly cooked and prepared food with the famous and recognized restaurants with fresh ingredients keeping quality and hygiene on the top most priority basis. Now thinking about how to order from them and so? Placing an order is none but like a child’s play and could be done within clicks and like on the count of three. Want to know about the process that needs to be followed while ordering from them? It is extremely simple and convenient to do. All people who want to do order from them need to visit the site at, choose the right train number, arrival time and departure time of the respective train and at stations with the date of travel, within a click a list of all restaurants will appear along with their menus and they need to look on the same and first finalize the meal that they want to grab. Then, people need to select the respective payment option and once it is done, they will get the respective order confirmation and are good to go with. There is an option when it comes to payment and users can choose anyone of them as they would like to do the same. Most of the people prefer to look for cash on delivery choice and it is available.

Now wondering why to get   online food order in train and so? Well, the online food ordering has its advantages as compared to phone based and other approaches. Ordering online is faster and could be operated all round the clock without any turbulence. People can take their own time while having a look at the menu and deciding what to eat instead of just thinking fast as someone is there on the other side taking up your order. Adding to this, people can actually go through the reviews as well of the relevant restaurants and food joints from which you are planning to place order with as they are good indicators related to the food quality, its freshness, quality and so. Usually the food delivery depends upon the operational timings of the food joints and restaurants and that is been mentioned too. Also, they have updated train schedules as well and in case, it gets late by few hours, the executives will get in touch with you and will ask about the feasibility of the delivery and whether you are still in interest with the delivery or not. In case, the train gets late by many hours, automatically the order gets cancelled. Aside from online order, many people prefer to give them a phone call to place order and if you are also one of them, feel free to even call them up at 08800313131. Enjoy the travel while grabbing a bite of delicious and lip smacking meal and have a safe and enjoyable travel.