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“The Road to Motherhood” Removes Unfair Taboos and Stigmas From Surrogacy

One of the best aspects of 2017 is that there is no one way to do anything. The road to motherhood may have been unquestionably straightforward in decades prior- and it doesn’t involve a stork. In 2017, hopeful soon-to-be mothers have some truly astounding options available to them.

There are individuals who may be judgmental, but their opinion means very little. Women looking for a family can find some beautiful and inspiring ways to live out their dream. Surrogacy is one such area that is intimate and special.

The Basics of Surrogacy

For the sake of clarity and mixed definitions, surrogacy, is really only one thing. It is the act of having someone else have a baby on the other’s behalf. The involvement of the surrogate in this process, as well as the woman who will care for the baby once it is born, is entirely up to the family. … Read the rest